Updated August 17, 2022

Unfortunately we do not expect to offer any programs at any arena this fall and⁄or winter.

Ice Skating lessons for all ages. Learn To Skate, Figure Skating and Hockey Skills.
Hockey School and Hockey Skills program in Cambridge and Kitchener.

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Figure Skating lessons in Cambridge and Kitchener

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Ice-Tech Skating Programs

We offer a full range of skating programs for all ages and skill levels. From Preschool to Figure Skating, Ice-Tech can help.

Development for hockey players and goalies is also part of our program. Check out our hockey fundamentals program when you are finished with learn to skate.

We offer classes at Cambridge Ice Centre and Sportsworld Crossing Twinpads in Kitchener. Check our schedule for more information.

Ice-Tech utilizes a wide range of toys and activities to help children overcome any initial fears as well as create an environment of fun and learning.

Bean bags, balloons, oversized foam letters, plastic hockey sticks with plastic pucks and watercolour markers on the ice combine to create a fun and enjoyable experience while children of all ages develop their ice skating skills.


Our classes are held at several locations: Cambridge Ice Centre, located inside Cambridge Centre mall, Sportsworld Crossing Twinpads and Activa Centre in Kitchener, Ontario.

Cambridge Ice Centre is a beautiful new facility perfectly suited for families and is only steps away from a Tim Horton's; Canada's famous coffee shop.

Sportsworld Crossing Twinpads is a new facility as well situated in the heart of the developing area just off of Highway #8.

Activa Centre is a new facility as well located near Homer Watson Blvd and Hanson Ave in Kitchener.

Maps and complete addresses are on the Contact Us page.


Coaching children on the ice at any level or age requires patience, understanding and enthusiasm in addition to good coaching skills. The coaching staff have many years combined coaching experience and most have a figure skating background as well.

All of the coaches teach the Preschool Skating Lessons, Learn To Skate, Adult Learn To Skate and Junior Figure Skating lessons with the philosophy of maximizing the skater's movement on the ice; short but clear concise instruction and FUN!

Coaching opportunities - Are you or someone you know interested in coaching in our program? We will be glad to talk about the possibilities. Contact us about coaching.

Ice-Tech also has Coach Chronicles; a series of articles aimed specifically at coaches but are fairly short and easy to read so anyone can enjoy them. Based on the science of sport movement called Biomechanics, they are designed to provoke thought and maybe even some discussion about coaching skating and figure skating. We are glad to hear from you with any specific feedback.

Ice Skating Lessons

Ice skating classes that are available include Preschool, Learn To Skate, Introduction to Figure Skating and Adult. Our ice skating classes are offered all year, including winter, spring, summer and fall.

Private lessons or small group lessons for figure skaters1 are available during some seasons. Please contact us directly for more information.

Canadians seem to have a passion for the ice...once we get started we never stop. There is something special about gliding on fresh ice that gets children of all ages excited! Canadians are known for ice skating and hockey and figure skating. It defines us. Even watching the special truck that resurfaces the ice (Zamboni® or Olympia®) fascinates the children. They watch with their faces pressed up against the protective glass in awe.

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